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Motor vehicle accidents: NC 540 crash kills father, injures son

Motorists on the busy highways of North Carolina will always be vulnerable. NC 540 is one of the routes on which many lives have been lost in motor vehicle accidents. A man lost his life in a recent accident that involved a trailer that became detached from a vehicle.

Driverless motor vehicle accidents: Whom to blame for injuries?

The testing of driverless cars has been authorized on North Carolina roads, causing concern for those who will share the highways with these cars. Although the intention behind autonomous vehicles is to eliminate car accidents in the future, media reports of motor vehicle accidents involving these cars suggests that there is a long way to go. Some of these crashes have resulted in fatalities.

Motor vehicle accidents occur despite advanced safety features

The National Safety Council expresses concern about the numbers of crash fatalities nationwide, including North Carolina, despite advanced technology and improvements in traffic safety. Even though auto manufacturers add more advanced safety features to each new model, motor vehicle accidents continue to occur. The conclusion is that driver errors play a significant role in the ever-increasing fatality rate.

Chain reaction causes multiple motor vehicle accidents in Raleigh

Officers detained a driver who attempted to flee on foot after a high-speed crash in Raleigh. According to a police report, the incident that caused multiple motor vehicle accidents occurred on a recent Wednesday morning. Reportedly, the fleeing 18-year-old driver now faces charges that include failure to reduce speed, reckless driving and felony hit-and-run.

Motor vehicle accidents: Hit-and-run kills Raleigh teenager

The principal of a high school in Raleigh advised parents that he had arranged for a team of psychologists, social workers and counselors to provide support to students after a tragic event that claimed the life of a ninth grader. Traumatic events like fatal motor vehicle accidents that kill fellow students are known to cause feelings of vulnerability and a range of emotions. These could include anxiety, sadness, anger and fear, all of which can be eased during discussions with professionals who can help affected students to process their emotions.

Motor vehicle accidents might be fewer with stricter phone laws

Although North Carolina has had laws to limit mobile phone use while driving in place since 2009, lawmakers are advocating to revisiting those laws to further curb distracted driving, which remains prevalent despite existing laws. Sponsors of the proposed changes to the bill believe prohibition of all smartphone use by motorists will prevent motor vehicle accidents caused by device distractions. The National Conference of State Legislatures shows that the District of Columbia along with sixteen other states have complete bans on mobile phone use while operating a vehicle.

Motor vehicle accidents more prevalent in snow and icy conditions

Every year when winter comes around, drivers must adjust to the risks of driving in adverse weather conditions. Safety authorities say that, of all motor vehicle accidents that occur nationwide, 17 percent happen during the winter. This underscores the need for all drivers in North Carolina and other states where snow and ice are present on the roads to prepare themselves and their vehicles before the onset of winter. Those who were unprepared for the current harsh winter might have caused accidents that caused injuries to others.

Motor vehicle accidents: Speeding driver loses control

Anyone in North Carolina can fall victim to the negligent driving of another motorist. Although most motor vehicle accidents are preventable, many drivers travel at excessive speeds with no regard to other road users. This appears to have been the case in a recent crash that sent two people to the hospital.

The threats of delayed injuries after motor vehicle accidents

Thousands of personal injury claims are in Norrth Carolina and across the country filed nationwide every year. A significant percentage of those claims arose from motor vehicle accidents. Many accident victims choose not to go for medical evaluations after crashes because they have no apparent injuries, only to develop accident-related health problems later. Delayed symptoms might become evident days or weeks after an accident, by which time damage could be severe.

Holiday celebrations lead to more motor vehicle accidents

It is perhaps only fitting that December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. The holiday season is the time when almost all gatherings of people in North Carolina and elsewhere include the serving of alcohol, typically leading to increased numbers of motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, many of them leave victims with catastrophic injuries or worse.


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