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Bicycling and North Carolina Law

North Carolina Bicycling Safety and Law

As the weather changes prime cycling season is upon us. North Carolina, like most states, considers a bicycle a vehicle, and cyclists as drivers of vehicles. The traffic laws and regulations that apply to cycling in North Carolina are important to bear in mind to ensure a safe and legal trip.

Do you carry medical payments coverage as part of your automobile insurance policy?

Many individuals do not know the answer to this question. Medical payments coverage, often referred to as med-pay, reimburses vehicle occupants for medical bills relating to injuries sustained in an accident, regardless of fault. It usually comes with coverage limits in such amounts as $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000. Med-pay will reimburse for reasonable and necessary medical expenses up to the coverage limit for each person in the vehicle. For example, if there is applicable med-pay coverage and you and a passenger are involved in an accident and incur medical bills, you may each submit those bills for reimbursement under the med-pay provision. This is extremely helpful to those with no health insurance, or carry health insurance with a high deductibles.

Was your workers compensation claim denied?

Were you hurt at work and waiting for the insurance company to send you to a doctor only to find out they denied your claim? It is quite common for insurance companies to deny the claim if there is even the slightest chance they may save money. Insurance companies count on people receiving these denials and not pursuing the claim further. This is a mistake and the injured worker is the one to suffer. Ledbetter and Titsworth has been successfully appealing insurance company denials for years. Don't let the insurance company keep the money and benefits you are entitled to. It will cost you nothing to speak with us and you have nothing to lose. If we do not recover money for you, you do not owe an attorney's fee. Call us and let us see if we can help you. It can make all the difference for you!

Daniel Titsworth named Workers Compenstion Attorney of the Month by Attorney At Law Magazine

Our firm is proud to announce that Attorney At Law Magazine named Dan Titsworth as Workers Compensation Attorney of the Month. A feature article was written about him outlining why he chose to become an attorney and how he practices law. To contact call (919)460-9798 or click www.mynclawyer.com

This firm's paralegal's article published by Attorney-at-Law Magazine and Trial Briefs October edition.

Kim Miller is our lead paralegal and has a passion for what she does. Her love of being a paralegal created a dedication to our firm which inspired this article. Attorney at Law Magazine as well as Trial Briefs Magazine published elected to publish the article.

I got hurt at work - now what?

The Workers Compensation Acts provides specific instructions on what to do when you are injured on the job. Keep in mind how you report the accident to your employer is very important and may affect whether or not your claim is accepted or denied. Ledbetter & Titsworth provides free consultation and can advise you of your rights at no cost to you. Below is the specific statute that states how you are to provide notice and what that notice is to contain.

Should I give a recorded statement?

The short answer is not without speaking with an attorney first. In any injury claim, a recorded statement is large part of what makes an insurance company accept or deny the claim. The most innocent of statements can allow the insurance company to deny responsibility. As the statement is recorded, there is no way to "un-do" these statements. The insurance company is trained to gear your responses to detrimental answers. Before you speak to an insurance adjuster, hand over written documents, or make statements to the police, you should always talk to an attorney first. Remember it does not cost anything to contact us for a free consultation. It may make a difference in whether your claim is accepted or denied. Contact us.


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