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Will workers' compensation cover your injuries this summer?

Summer poses various safety hazards to outdoor workers nationwide, including in North Carolina. Although most workplace injuries are covered by the state-controlled workers' compensation insurance system, sometimes it is difficult to prove that injuries are work-related. It is the responsibility of employers to protect the safety and health of employees, and excessive heat exposure is a significant hazard that workers face during the summer months.

Workers' compensation: Construction accident injures 2

Construction workers in North Carolina put their lives on the line with each shift they work. Unfortunately, compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's safety standards is not the priority of all construction company owners. For this reason, many workers' compensation claims are construction-related. Working in excavations is one of the most hazardous tasks, and if it involves a confined space, the risks are exacerbated.

Will wearable technology reduce workers' compensation claims?

Developers of futuristic construction equipment are working toward work sites on which individual employees are automatically alerted whenever their safety is at risk, and before accidents occur. Wearable devices will also warn workers and their employers or supervisors of potential injuries, fatigue or musculoskeletal injuries. Wearable devices are more feasible than what most North Carolina construction workers might think, and this might significantly reduce the number of workers' compensation claims that are filed each year.

Scaffold injuries might lead to workers' compensation claims

North Carolina safety authorities launched an investigation into a construction site accident that happened in Raleigh on a recent Thursday. An incident report indicates that rescue workers were called to the scene at approximately 11:30 a.m. to tend to injured workers on a scaffold. The injured workers will likely file workers' compensation benefits claims for coverage of their medical expenses.

Workers' compensation: Welders can prevent burn injuries

Welders in Raleigh and across North Carolina will undoubtedly be aware of the burn hazards they face. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that employers must protect employees by providing safe work environments that are free of known dangers. However, not all employers prioritize employee safety, leaving it up to workers to take their own precautions to avoid having to file workers' compensation claims.

Will workers' compensation benefits cover gas explosion?

Safety authorities expect employers in North Carolina to protect the health and safety of employees. While most employers comply with prescribed safety standards, unanticipated circumstances can pose safety hazards. This is when workers rely on the workers' compensation insurance system of the state.

Workers' compensation: Is black mold making you sick?

Some of the most significant threats to the safety of workers nationwide, including North Carolina, are those that they cannot see. Exposure to black mold is one such a hazard, and proving it to be work related in a workers' compensation claim can be challenging. The illness that is caused by exposure to toxic mold develops gradually over time and not overnight.

Many workers' compensation claims are for preventable injuries

Employers must conduct frequent workplace hazard assessments, analyze them and address potential injury hazards. Unfortunately, it is often only after preventable accidents happen -- some of them catastrophic -- that safety authorities come in and identify safety violations. An employee of a North Carolina arms company was a victim of a preventable amputation injury, and the worker will likely rely on workers' compensation benefits to provide financial assistance.

Workers' compensation: Contractor severs hand on Carowinds ride

Many visitors from various locations, including Raleigh, travel to Charlotte for a day of fun at Carowinds, an amusement park on the state line between South and North Carolina. The safety of all the rides is crucial, but few fun seekers pause to spare a thought for the workers who risk their safety to do maintenance on the equipment to ensure safe operation. The state-regulated workers' compensation system has dealt with many benefits claims from injured workers throughout the years.

Workers' compensation: Office environments pose many hazards

Hazards exist in all work environments, and although some are unique to the particular industry, others are more general, and they threaten the safety and health of all -- from construction sites to offices. Employers in all sectors in North Carolina are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, and for carrying workers' compensation insurance to provide injured workers with financial assistance. The risks to which office workers are exposed must not be ignored.


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