Personal Injury Lawyer | Raleigh, NC

When you are injured, through no fault of your own, there are legal provisions to ensure you receive the needed compensation you deserve. The compensation is for things like lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. This area of law is known as personal injury law. Personal Injury Law covers damages resulting from physical injury or emotional injury, rather than property. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident (also known as premises liability), by a manufacturer, lost a loved one in a wrongful death, or suffered from toxic mold, food poisoning, a dog bite or any other type of personal injury in Raleigh, NC, you need an experienced attorney you can trust. The attorneys at Ledbetter & Titsworth are here to assist with all types of  personal injury claims and have the experience you want in handling your case.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Raleigh, NC Personal Injury claim?

A personal injury can leave you wondering where to turn for support and legal advice. The claim and litigation process in a personal injury case varies depending on the nature of the injuries and facts of the claim, so it can be hard to understand exactly what your options are. The insurance companies and individuals at fault for your injury often have little interest in you and are more interested in just making your claim go away. The law is there to help individuals who are victims of personal injury, and an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the process and achieve a more favorable result. The earlier you engage an attorney in the process, the more options you may have when pursuing your case.

Ledbetter & Titsworth Raleigh, NC Personal Injury Lawyers

The attorneys at Ledbetter & Titsworth have decades of experience in assisting victims of personal injury in Raleigh, NC. We care about the best interests of each of our clients. When we take on your personal injury case, we take the time to understand the specifics of your particular situation. Over the years we have seen the emotional and physical toll of personal injury in Raleigh, NC, and are here to assist our clients in getting the legal assistance they need.

At Ledbetter & Titsworth we will not settle for less that you deserve. We  have experience negotiating with insurance companies and litigating cases if no agreement can be reached. If you have sustained a personal injury in Raleigh, NC through a slip and fall or trip and fall, by a defective product, automobile accident, or any other type of personal injury, contact the professional legal team at Ledbetter & Titsworth today or call us at 919-460-9798. You do not get charged unless we win your case.

In addition to Raleigh, Ledbetter & Titsworth is proud to serve personal injury in Durham, Apex, Morrisville, Cary, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas of NC.