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Accidents In Company Vehicles

Being involved in a traffic accident while you are on the job can be stressful and physically damaging. However, drivers who are injured while performing job-related duties in a commercial vehicle may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation. While you are “on the clock,” your employer has a responsibility to provide you with workers’ comp benefits to cover any injury costs or lost wages that could result from a work-related car accident, even if the car accident is your fault.

At Titsworth Law Offices, P.A., our attorneys advise and represent North Carolina workers who have been involved in work-related car accidents. We step in if the extent of your injuries is questioned by your employer’s insurance doctor. We also consult medical specialists who can verify and explain the nature of your injuries.

Do’s And Don’ts After A Company Accident

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Our attorneys are here to help you sort out this stressful situation. Here are some tips that we suggest to workers who have been involved in a work-related car accident.

  • Try to ensure a police report is completed
  • Call police and paramedics
  • If the accident happened while you were working, call your employer to report the accident
  • Provide written evidence of your insurance coverage to the police officer, including the name of your employer’s insurance company and the policy number if known.

Do not discuss the financial amounts of your/your employer’s insurance with anyone.

Do not discuss responsibility for the accident or circumstances of the accident with anyone except the police, your employer (only personnel with a need to know), an identified representative of your or your employer’s insurance company, or a lawyer retained to act on your behalf.

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