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Effective Representation For Office Injuries

An office environment is the last place that you would expect a workplace accident to occur. Offices do not have the hazards of a factory or construction site but accidents can still happen. Due to the negligence of others, a variety of office injuries could occur such as:


  • Trips and falls
  • Overexertion
  • Impacts
  • Electrocution/fires
  • Illness

Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience representing North Carolina employees who need workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries. If you are injured at work, we will take a personal look at your case and do everything in our legal power to get the results you deserve.

Tips To Avoid Workplace Injuries

The way you perform a task, and the workstation environment it is performed in, can influence the risk of injury or illness. The following techniques can make a job easy and safe, reducing any workplace hazards:

  • Move your monitor away from sources of glare or direct light
  • Clean your monitor screen on a regular basis
  • Keep frequently used items like your phone, reference materials and pens/pencils within easy reach
  • Move between different postures regularly
  • Use the minimum force necessary to strike your keyboard/keys
  • Vary your tasks to avoid a long period of one activity
  • Take small breaks to rest your eyes and muscles

If you or a loved one has been applying safe work practices and has still been injured in the office, contact Titsworth Law Offices, P.A. Our lawyers will help you file a workers’ compensation claim and understand each step of the process.

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