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Are Dog Owners Liable For Dog Bites?

It is true that a dog is a man’s best friend, but even the best friendships can turn sour. Dog attacks can cause very serious damage, including scarring, lacerations and infections.

In most dog bite lawsuits, the owner would be liable for anyone his or her dog has bitten. In some cases, however, the victim must prove the dog was vicious, or that the owner or another party caused the incident through negligence or by violating an animal control law.

The attorneys at Titsworth Law Offices, P.A., are here to help you prove the wrong done to you and obtain the compensation you need as you heal.

We Can Handle Any Dog Bite Situation

Contrary to popular belief, any breed of dog can attack or bite a person at any time. Most dogs never intend to inflict harm on anyone, and a dog bite can happen for a variety of reasons. A dog bite is more likely to occur if the dog:

  • Is fearful of its own safety
  • Is acting to protect its owner’s territory
  • Feels threatened to the extent that it does not feel there is any other alternative
  • Tries to establish dominance over another dog or individual

The legal rights of dog bite victims vary from state to state, so you want to work with attorneys who know the details of North Carolina laws well. You won’t be disappointed with our dedicated team. We have been successfully settling and litigating personal injury cases since 1994, which includes helping victims of animal attacks.

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