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Will workers' compensation cover your injuries this summer?

Summer poses various safety hazards to outdoor workers nationwide, including in North Carolina. Although most workplace injuries are covered by the state-controlled workers' compensation insurance system, sometimes it is difficult to prove that injuries are work-related. It is the responsibility of employers to protect the safety and health of employees, and excessive heat exposure is a significant hazard that workers face during the summer months.

Too much sun, or even indoor heat, could cause heatstroke if a worker's internal body temperature exceeds 104 degrees. Leaving it untreated could damage multiple vital organs, including the brain and heart. Too much sun over extended periods can also cause skin cancer, which is regarded as an occupational disease for firefighters, state police and lifeguards.

Urgent care or the emergency room after an accident

Serious traffic collisions can result in unexpected consequences. One recent crash involving an SUV and a tractor-trailer resulted in police shutting down several lanes on I-85 North on July 7th. 

Car crashes, even relatively minor ones, can lead to significant injuries. It is paramount that you see a medical professional right away to diagnose any injuries you may have. However, in the immediate aftermath of the crash, you may wonder whether you need to make a trip to urgent care or the emergency room. If an ambulance comes out to the scene, you may have no choice where you end up, but in the event medical personnel do not arrive, you need to think ahead. 

Motor vehicle accidents: NC 540 crash kills father, injures son

Motorists on the busy highways of North Carolina will always be vulnerable. NC 540 is one of the routes on which many lives have been lost in motor vehicle accidents. A man lost his life in a recent accident that involved a trailer that became detached from a vehicle.

According to a report prepared by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, the incident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon. Reportedly, a 54-year-old father and his son, age 21, were traveling along NC 540 in a pickup truck with an attached trailer. During their drive, they realized that the trailer was no longer attached to the truck, and they stopped to investigate.

Personal injury: Food poisoning is prevalent in the summer months

The warm weather of the summer months makes food poisoning a common occurrence. People in North Carolina can make sure they prepare food in safe and hygienic ways. However, everybody is vulnerable when they eat at functions, picnics, restaurants and hotels. Freshly prepared foods from salad bars could also be contaminated, and the personal injury consequences can be severe.

Foodborne illnesses or food poisoning is caused by consuming food or drinking water that is contaminated by viruses, parasites, bacteria or toxins. Contamination can occur during production, processing, preparation and service, and it can also occur during the growth, harvesting, shipment, and storage of food products. Common carriers include fish, meat, eggs, shellfish, dairy products and mayonnaise.

Workers' compensation: Construction accident injures 2

Construction workers in North Carolina put their lives on the line with each shift they work. Unfortunately, compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's safety standards is not the priority of all construction company owners. For this reason, many workers' compensation claims are construction-related. Working in excavations is one of the most hazardous tasks, and if it involves a confined space, the risks are exacerbated.

A recent incident occurred at the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Two construction workers were doing repairs in an underground utility steam vault. Under circumstances yet to be determined, a supporting steel beam became detached and fell on them. The emergency call went out, and along with the fire department, UNC police and the Orange County Emergency Services responded.

Navigating medical malpractice claims are challenging

Whenever a person is discharged from a North Carolina hospital in a worse condition or with additional health problems than those he or she had upon admission, there may be questions about his or her legal rights. The first inclination might be to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, that is an option that typically needs legal counsel to carefully consideration to determine its viability.

For cases involving errors in surgery, diagnosis, treatment or aftercare, the plaintiff must prove that the required elements for a malpractice claim are present. The first aspect to establish is that the patient was owed a duty of care, and that there was a violation of the standard of owed care. Medical care providers must provide care that is equal to or exceeds the care a reasonable and prudent health care professional would have provided under similar circumstances.

Will wearable technology reduce workers' compensation claims?

Developers of futuristic construction equipment are working toward work sites on which individual employees are automatically alerted whenever their safety is at risk, and before accidents occur. Wearable devices will also warn workers and their employers or supervisors of potential injuries, fatigue or musculoskeletal injuries. Wearable devices are more feasible than what most North Carolina construction workers might think, and this might significantly reduce the number of workers' compensation claims that are filed each year.

Audible alarms or vibrations will serve to warn workers who come too close to leading edges, or when they are at risk of being struck by mobile equipment. Wearable devices can warn individuals when they are at danger of injuries caused by excessive or unsafe lifting, bending, reaching or twisting, and a warning will sound when workers near exhaustion. Exoskeletal devices will provide additional strength and endurance, and visual wearables can help with training.

Scooter accidents on the rise in Raleigh

Rentable electric scooters have become popular among tourists, commuters and residents alike in Raleigh, North Carolina. After two companies, Bird and Lime, debuted their dockless rideshare scooters in the city, ridership blossomed from a few dozen to thousands in months.

Unfortunately, the increase in electric scooters has had a corresponding spike in related accidents and injuries. Consumer Reports states that since late 2017, over 1,500 people have suffered injuries in electric scooter accidents around the U.S.

Driverless motor vehicle accidents: Whom to blame for injuries?

The testing of driverless cars has been authorized on North Carolina roads, causing concern for those who will share the highways with these cars. Although the intention behind autonomous vehicles is to eliminate car accidents in the future, media reports of motor vehicle accidents involving these cars suggests that there is a long way to go. Some of these crashes have resulted in fatalities.

Who will be liable for injuries caused by a driverless car? Autonomous vehicle technology is still new and evolving, and so are the laws relating to it. In other car accidents, negligent drivers can be held liable for damages. Will the computer that drives the autonomous vehicle be deemed the negligent party in the event of a crash? What about the computer programmer, the designer of the equipment and the manufacturer?


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