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Your Doctor’s Role In Workers’ Comp

Most of your workers’ comp case will be decided by your doctor’s word. After a doctor examines your injuries, he or she will offer an assessment of your ability to continue performing your usual job duties. Your doctor may decide you need accommodations at work or that you will be unable to continue your current job at all.

What Benefits Can You Receive?

If your workers’ comp claim is accepted, you can seek three types of benefits: medical benefits, wage loss benefits and permanent impairment benefits.

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits cover the cost of medical care that you will need to recover from your injuries. This may include any needs such as doctor’s visits and surgery.

Wage Loss Benefits

Wage loss benefits cover the earnings you lose by being unable to work. The amount you receive is usually two-thirds of your usual weekly wage or income. If your employer can accommodate so that you can continue working, you may not be eligible for wage loss benefits.

Permanent Impairment Benefits

If your injury causes permanent damage that will continuously affect your working ability, you may be able to receive compensation for future wage losses or the injured body part. You will be awarded an amount based on the extent of your impairment.

Again, a doctor’s assessment will be the biggest factor in determining the compensation you deserve.

Our Role In Your Workers’ Comp Claim

While your doctor’s word has the biggest influence on what you can receive, the attorneys at Titsworth Law Offices, P.A., know how to fight for your best interests.

A workers’ comp lawyer can assist at all stages of the case. We help clients throughout North Carolina get their claim accepted and then prove the full extent of compensation they deserve. We also appeal denied benefits.

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