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When Misdiagnosis Brings Your Recovery To A Halt

Access to the right medical treatment at the right time is crucial for an ideal recovery. Failure to administer appropriate care can mean significantly more severe medical issues, including worsening of symptoms or contraindications from mistreatment. In some cases, misdiagnosis can mean loss of life.

At Titsworth Law Offices, P.A., our firm sees your health and well-being as a part of our responsibilities. We know that when you entrust us with your legal issues, you are counting on our lawyers to stand strong in the face of medical misconduct. If you are struggling after misdiagnosis, call our office today at 919-297-2372.

How Misdiagnosis Affects You

Medical misdiagnosis can change your life and impact your health in a variety of ways, some of which have life-changing consequences. Some challenges that misdiagnosis creates include:

  • Wasted time, money and other patient resources
  • Delays in treatment that can prove fatal or lead to complications
  • Medical consequences from long-term exposure to unnecessary medications
  • Inappropriate surgeries or other procedures

Our attorneys believe fiercely in the rights of patients. We see medical malpractice as a way to help you recover; more importantly, it is a means to rebuild your trust in the medical field.

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