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April 2019 Archives

Medical malpractice claim follows discovery of surgical sponge

Reports of things that can go wrong during surgical procedures in hospitals nationwide, including North Carolina, can lead to anxious anticipation for anyone who is scheduled for surgery. A recent filing of a medical malpractice case in another state underscores the extended period of pain and suffering that can result when a foreign object remains inside the body of a patient after an operation. This case involves a surgical procedure in 2015 that caused the patient severe health problems afterwards, and the patient didn't find out the cause until four years later.

Will workers' compensation benefits cover gas explosion?

Safety authorities expect employers in North Carolina to protect the health and safety of employees. While most employers comply with prescribed safety standards, unanticipated circumstances can pose safety hazards. This is when workers rely on the workers' compensation insurance system of the state.

Workers' compensation: Is black mold making you sick?

Some of the most significant threats to the safety of workers nationwide, including North Carolina, are those that they cannot see. Exposure to black mold is one such a hazard, and proving it to be work related in a workers' compensation claim can be challenging. The illness that is caused by exposure to toxic mold develops gradually over time and not overnight.

3 myths about workers' compensation

Sustaining an injury at work is not only a physically painful event but also an emotional challenge. You have to worry about treatment and recovery, as well as how you are going to make ends meet while you are unable to work full time or at all.

Many workers' compensation claims are for preventable injuries

Employers must conduct frequent workplace hazard assessments, analyze them and address potential injury hazards. Unfortunately, it is often only after preventable accidents happen -- some of them catastrophic -- that safety authorities come in and identify safety violations. An employee of a North Carolina arms company was a victim of a preventable amputation injury, and the worker will likely rely on workers' compensation benefits to provide financial assistance.

Motor vehicle accidents: Hit-and-run kills Raleigh teenager

The principal of a high school in Raleigh advised parents that he had arranged for a team of psychologists, social workers and counselors to provide support to students after a tragic event that claimed the life of a ninth grader. Traumatic events like fatal motor vehicle accidents that kill fellow students are known to cause feelings of vulnerability and a range of emotions. These could include anxiety, sadness, anger and fear, all of which can be eased during discussions with professionals who can help affected students to process their emotions.


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