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Teenagers cause car accidents because they lack experience

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | motor vehicle accidents

Teenagers are often criticized heavily when you about car accident statistics. It is well known that they cause a disproportionate number of serious or even fatal accidents each year. This gives them a reputation as some of the most dangerous drivers on the road.

It’s not just accidents that play into this. You can see their reputation reflected in high car insurance rates. But is that reputation warranted? And what can you do about it?

It is a valid stereotype

First and foremost, even though there are safe teenage drivers out there, this is a valid reputation that they have earned as a group. The statistics do make it very clear that they cause more accidents than any other age group. This is a real risk that other drivers face each day. Anyone could be hit by a teen who is still learning to be a safe driver.

What can be done about the issue?

There are many things that teenagers can do to be safer, such as becoming defensive drivers, following the speed limit, staying off of the phone in the car, avoiding reckless driving, turning down the music, and refraining from driving with friends.

But the biggest thing that teenagers need is just experience as drivers. They can only get that by putting in more time on the road. They should attempt to do this as carefully as possible, but it’s inevitable that they’re going to cause some accidents while they learn how to be safe.

As such, if you are injured by a teen driver in an accident, you may need to learn how to seek financial compensation for those injuries. It can help to cover medical bills, lost wages and much more.