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New Law Regarding Passing Stopped School Buses

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2013 | Car Accidents

Information about an important new law effecting penalties for passing a stopped school bus.

Drivers who pass a stopped school bus could lose their license and pay a fine in addition to being charged with a crime, under a proposal that the House approved unanimously Tuesday. House Bill 428 would tack a $500 fine onto the misdemeanor charge for passing a school bus that has its stop-arm out and its red lights flashing. A driver who hits anyone while passing a stopped school bus would face a $2,500 fine as well as a felony charge, and the fine would increase to $5,000 if the person dies after being hit. Also, the Division of Motor Vehicles could revoke for one year the license of any driver convicted of two misdemeanors under the legislation within a three-year period. A third misdemeanor could result in a permanent loss of driving privileges.