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The honest answer to that question may surprise you coming from an attorney’s office, but sometimes the answer is NO. If the property damage to your vehicle is minimal and there were no significant injuries, you may do just as well handling the claim yourself if you are willing to negotiate. If your case is like this, it will still cost nothing to speak to us and the advice given may assist you in handling your claim.

There are some cases where an injury attorney can obtain a better result then the injured party. If someone sustains severe injuries, a significant amount of lost wages, permanent impairment or damage, and an extended period of pain and suffering, then an injury attorney should be retained. Other facts that may warrant attorney involvement include the negligence of the responsible party, issues with insurance coverage, the amount of damages sustained, or other special circumstances or facts that may exist.

If you are going to retain an attorney, it is best to do it before you speak with the insurance company adjuster. Once you retain an attorney all communication will be required to go through that attorney. This protects you from providing information to the insurance company which may be used against you in later stages of your claim. Given the fact we are paid a percentage of the amount recovered at the end of the claim, it can only benefit you to have an attorney advocating for you from the beginning.

Ledbetter & Titsworth’s Injury Attorneys are trained in getting you the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to. If you feel you need an attorney, or would just like some free advice, call us today.

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