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Personal Injury and Pokemon Go

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2016 | Car Accidents


Pokemon Go was released this summer and was an immediate hit. Created by Niantic, the augmented reality game allows players to “catch ’em all” on their cellular or tablet. When players open the application (app) on their device and begin traveling, Pokemon appear on the map of their device, which players then search for and capture. While there is a warning at the opening of the Pokemon Go app cautioning players to remain alert to the conditions around them as they play, injuries have still been reported where players did not heed this warning and have been injured or caused injury to others.


Slip and Fall injuries are the most common among the injuries sustained while playing Pokemon Go. Players who have been more focused on cellular or tablet screens than their immediate surroundings have fallen in roads, into ditches, and other slip and fall type scenarios. Others have been injured falling from bicycles or skateboards. Bruises, scrapes, and cuts are the most common injuries of the game thus far. A few isolated reports have been made of auto accidents involving players driving while playing Pokemon Go. Although Pokemon Go will not operate at speeds in excess of 20 MPH, a motorcycle, truck, or car accident at this speed is still sufficient to cause severe and even life-threatening injury.


Pokemon Go has some wonderful features, providing players with a great outlet for exercise and social interaction with other players and those in the community. To best enjoy the game, however, a few simple safety rules should be obeyed:

  1. Never Drive and Play Pokemon Go. Playing while driving is extremely dangerous, not to mention illegal.
  2. Never Ride a Bicycle or Skateboard While Actively Playing. Just like driving, riding a bike or skateboard requires full attention to your surroundings.
  3. Stop When Collecting Pokemon Go creatures. Make certain that your footing is sure and on firm, level ground when trying to “catch ’em all”

By following these simple rules, you should be able to have a safe, fun time playing Pokemon Go.


While it would be difficult to seek compensation for an individual who was injured as a result of his or her own negligence while playing, an individual who has been injured by someone else playing the game would have an excellent case on the basis of carelessness or negligence. For instance, if someone playing Pokemon Go was driving and hit a pedestrian or another car, the injured party could sue the driver operating the vehicle and possibly the creators of Pokemon Go, Niantic. If you are injured by the negligence of a Pokemon Go player, seek legal advice from a qualified law firm like Ledbetter & Titsworth.


If you sustain injuries while playing or as a result of someone playing Pokemon Go, seek proper medical attention and contact Ledbetter & Titsworth. As personal injury attorneys, Ledbetter & Titsworth have experience helping clients receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages for injuries. Ledbetter & Titsworth will discuss your case with you during a free initial consultation, and never charge anything unless we win your case. Call now 919-297-2372 or contact us online.

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