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Travis Barker pursues medical malpractice suit

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2018 | medical malpractice

Punk rock fans in North Carolina might be most familiar with Travis Barker for his drumming when he performs with his band, Blink-182. However, recent headlines have had less to do with his musical skill and more to do with his ongoing medical problems. Now, the popular drummer is seeking compensation for alleged medical malpractice. 

Earlier in 2018, Barker was suffering from blood clots for which he sought treatment. At some point during his course of treatment he needed a routine MRI, but there were complications at the time. He needed to be sedated for the MRI, which required the use of intravenous medication. However, attending staff supposedly could not find a good vein on the drummer. 

According to Barker’s medical malpractice suit, he was stuck approximately 40 times in his arms. To make matters worse, he says the needle was dirty. He claims that he developed a staph infection and now suffers from nerve damage as a result of the repeated pokes with the dirty needle. The issue with his blood clots was also apparently never resolved, and his band has had to postpone some performances while he focuses on his recovery. 

Medical malpractice suits are useful tools for North Carolina victims who have suffered because of a medical professional’s negligence. Related injuries often cause more than just physical trauma, leaving victims unable to work and dealing with lost wages on top of hefty medical bills. Successfully pursued claims can yield compensation for related damages, which can help victims better focus on their recovery.