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Medical malpractice suit follows experimental stem cell procedure

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | medical malpractice

In 2017, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers about undergoing medical procedures that involve stem cells obtained from fat cells. Even though such stem cell use is not approved, doctors continue to experiment on patients. A recent medical malpractice lawsuit — filed in another state — might serve as a warning to North Carolina residents who consider stem cell treatments because they are promised incredible results.

A woman with Macular Degeneration — a disease that causes blindness — started losing eyesight and was promised by doctors that they could reverse the degeneration and give her full vision again. According to the lawsuit, the doctor misrepresented the risks by saying that the worst-case scenario would be the failure of the procedure, leaving her with the same partial eyesight as before. In an $8,900 experimental process, abdominal fat tissue was obtained, from which a stem cell cocktail was produced.

An eye surgeon then injected this solution into the plaintiff’s eyes. However, disaster struck when the stem cells caused her retinas to detach — leaving her completely blind within 14 days. The woman claims that she was never informed that this was the first Macular Degeneration procedure carried out by the clinic. Both the clinic and the affiliate company that collected and developed the stem cells were named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Anyone in North Carolina who is suffering the consequences of a failed stem cell procedure that caused injuries can discuss their legal options with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. A lawyer can answer questions and assess the circumstances related to informed consent and other matters before explaining the available legal options. An attorney can then provide legal support and guidance in ensuing proceedings in pursuit of financial and emotional damage recovery.