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The threats of delayed injuries after motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Thousands of personal injury claims are in Norrth Carolina and across the country filed nationwide every year. A significant percentage of those claims arose from motor vehicle accidents. Many accident victims choose not to go for medical evaluations after crashes because they have no apparent injuries, only to develop accident-related health problems later. Delayed symptoms might become evident days or weeks after an accident, by which time damage could be severe.

Accident victims are advised to be medically examined immediately after a car accident for prompt diagnoses of injuries such as those that typically result from the whiplash motion of the body upon the impact of a collision. Dislocations of joints are common injuries along with damage to spinal discs. Soft tissue injuries like strains, sprains and tears of muscles, tendons and ligaments could have long-term consequences. Swelling, pain and inflammation can follow soft tissue injuries, along with headaches, neck stiffness and pain, back and shoulder pains and burning sensations are common delayed symptoms.

Hidden internal injuries could be life-threatening, and at risk are kidneys, bowels, lungs, liver, spleen, aorta or the heart. In some cases, fractured ribs can penetrate organs such as the lungs. In these instances, pain need not be severe to be life-threatening. Not all injuries are physical, and psychological injuries are often overlooked. After crashes in which severe or fatal injuries were suffered, even those with minor injuries could develop a short or long-term post-traumatic stress disorder.

The sooner victims of motor vehicle accidents are treated for physical or psychological injuries the better the chances of recovery. Also, if the victims have intentions of seeking financial relief, medical records and prognosis will be required. An experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney can provide valuable support and guidance in the ensuing legal proceedings in pursuit of recovery of economic and noneconomic damages.