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Workers’ compensation claims might follow fatal trench collapse

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Safety authorities in North Carolina have launched an investigation into a recent construction accident that occurred at the site of a building project of an apartment complex in North Raleigh. Two workers were injured, and one life was lost in an incident of which few details are known. Workers’ compensation claims will likely be filed for financial assistance with unanticipated expenses.

According to an incident report, the primary construction company hired a contractor to do pre-construction preparation. This contractor then appointed a subcontractor to build a retaining wall for the retention of stormwater. Reportedly, a trench was excavated as part of the preparation to construct the retaining wall.

It was during these activities that workers in the trench became victims of a cave-in. Investigators will work to determine the circumstances that caused the collapse of the trench wall. It is unclear what type of trench support — if any — was used to prevent such a tragedy. Two workers suffered injuries of unreported severity, and a third worker did not survive. Reportedly, the deceased man was an employee of the sub-contracting company.

Regardless of the findings of investigators, injured workers and the surviving family members of deceased employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits because it is a no-fault system. A North Carolina attorney who is experienced in navigating benefit claims can assist with the administrative and legal proceedings on behalf of victims of work-related accidents or surviving family members. Medical expenses, or end-of-life costs, when applicable, will form part of the benefits along with financial packages to make up for lost wages.