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Workers’ compensation for office environment injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

It is the impression of many people in North Carolina that office environments are mostly free of injury risks. This is a misconception because a large number of workers’ compensation claims involve office workers’ injuries each year. Many of the typical injuries suffered in office environments could have long-term health consequences.

Although not so prevalent, occupational injuries can be caused by fire, electrical hazards and spilled hot liquids. Open office plans also encourage the spreading of germs, especially during the winter when there is a significant flu risk. Injuries that are more common include slips, trips and falls along with musculoskeletal injuries caused by overexertion.

Spending many hours in an uncomfortable office chair, insufficient lighting and the frequent lifting of boxes containing printing paper can cause musculoskeletal injuries and strained eyes. Spills of beverages or leaks that are left unaddressed can cause serious slip-and-fall injuries, and randomly placed objects, snaking electrical cords and half-open cabinet shelves are all trip hazards. Negligently packed cabinets can become top-heavy and might tip over onto unsuspecting workers.

Compared to the hazards faced by construction workers, these might seem insignificant. However, depending on the direction of a fall and surrounding objects, brain injuries and fractured bones are just some of the injuries that can result. The North Carolina workers’ compensation insurance program allows injured workers to file benefits claims. An attorney with experience in this field of the law can provide valuable support and guidance throughout the legal and administrative steps of the claims process. The lawyer can help an injured worker to secure compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.