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4 of the most common injuries that occur on construction sites

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Firm News

Do not let the hard hats and safety glasses fool you: A construction site is dangerous. While safety standards have most certainly improved over the years, danger still lurks everywhere.

If you work on a construction site in or around the Raleigh area, you should know what kinds of things to look out for. Protecting yourself and keeping yourself safe on the job is a priority. Take a look at the four most common injuries you may sustain while at work.

1. Electrocution

Getting electrocuted on the job site happens, even to the most seasoned pro. Exposed wiring and live circuits cause injuries every day. The most common injury caused by electricity is a burn. However, do not think for a moment you will not get zapped.

2. Fall injury

Perhaps the most common injury to occur on construction sites are those caused by falls. Workers do not always tether themselves when working at increasing heights. Also, when teetering high above the ground, it is important to pay attention to what is around you. Things like misplaced tools and supplies may lead you to take a nasty tumble.

3. Getting stuck in-between objects

While the thought of getting stuck may seem far-fetched, it happens far more often than you think. Getting caught by heavy equipment either against walls or other obstacles is a real risk for workers. Avoid standing too long near machinery, and steer clear of parts that rotate.

4. Struck by an object

Loose pieces around the site can become hazards if kicked or knocked over. If you stand near a ledge or scaffold, remain aware of what may fall. You should also remain cautious while walking around tools and objects.

Construction site injuries happen, but keeping yourself safe is possible. Stay alert of nearby hazards, and caution others to do the same. Do not let a day at work turn into a scary and possibly life-altering event.