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Motor vehicle accidents: how trucking accidents are different

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2019 | Firm News

Truck accidents are different. That is partly because people sustain serious injuries in semitruck accidents in and around Raleigh. However, there is also often a different legal process.

Part of the increased complexity has to do with the different people involved. Part of it comes from the higher stakes. There are even some special laws that govern commercial vehicles. Anyone involved with these types of cases should probably apprise themselves of these issues before beginning negotiations.

Who is responsible?

There are various parties involved with a typical truck accident. Professional mechanics may be liable for negligent repairs. Trucking companies may push their drivers too hard. Equipment manufacturers may have cut corners with materials or design. Of course, drivers may also hold some responsibility if they were in violation of traffic laws.

Who has a stake?

When all of these different people and companies get involved with a claim, it is not just one driver versus another. It is every single party in contention, and each is often accompanied by at least one attorney as a representative. Very often, insurance companies and their corresponding legal teams also have a strong interest in serious cases.

Who else received injuries?

One of the more complex issues arises when multiple people were injured — in a multi-car accident with a truck, for example. North Carolina has a contributory negligence system, which means that only those without fault usually receive damages. This may result in a complicated series of liabilities and awards in situations involving many drivers.

Who could bring a suit?

Injured people or their family members are often the ones who bring suits for truck accidents. The goal is typically to recoup the costs of medical bills, replace damaged property and recover from pain and suffering. However, any of the people involved in a commercial motor vehicle accident might have a claim against any of the others. Interested parties should probably have a robust legal analysis for any event of this kind.