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Personal injury claim might follow collapse of Nike sneaker

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2019 | personal injury

When products malfunction or when defects lead to incidents that harm consumers, the manufacturers, retailers and any other entities in the supply chain might face financial accountability for monetary damages. Nike Inc. might soon be named in a civil lawsuit after a star basketball player of Duke University recently suffered personal injury when one of his basketball shoes came apart. The incident happened shortly after the start of a game against a rival North Carolina team.

Reportedly, the high-profile sneaker manufacturer designed the particular style specifically to support athletes like Zion Williamson. However, when the player needed that support at the moment when he stepped onto one foot to change direction, the shoe failed. When it fell apart, the athlete tumbled and fell to the court.

Williamson suffered injuries to his knee, which may impact his ability on the basketball court. Furthermore, the shoe manufacturer might be held responsible for medical expenses and possible future therapy that the player might need. Unless the defendant can prove that the shoe was damaged or misused after leaving the factory, Nike Inc. might be responsible for the athlete’s damages.

Regardless of whether a defective product is a ladder that collapses or a basketball sneaker that falls apart, if the user of the product suffers injuries, there might be a viable claim. Anyone in North Carolina who has to cope with the financial and emotional damages caused by a malfunctioning product can utilize the services of an experienced personal injury attorney. Legal counsel can provide support and guidance throughout the ensuing legal proceedings.