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Can you sue the supermarket after your slip-and-fall accident?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | slip and falls

Consumers in North Carolina might have questions about their rights to pursue financial relief if they suffered injuries in a supermarket. If a wet or otherwise slippery spot on the floor causes a slip-and-fall accident, or if a random object in an aisle leads to trip-and-fall injuries, the victim might have grounds to file a civil lawsuit. However, proving negligence on the part of the store might be challenging.

Taking certain steps after such an event might help when a claim is filed at a later stage. Documenting injuries is crucial, and if it is at all possible, the injured person or a companion should take photos of the hazard that caused the fall and also of the resulting injuries. It is also essential to get the necessary medical care as soon as possible, and if the injuries are serious, the victim can call 911 if the store employees are not around to help.

Reporting the incident to the manager or business owner is vital and so is getting him or her to document the report. The victim must write down everything that happened at the time of the incident as well as in the days following the injury. Consultations with doctors and therapists, along with how the injuries affect the person’s day-to-day personal and work life, can be recorded.

Anyone who is the victim of a slip-and-fall accident in North Carolina can consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to get answers and learn about the available legal options. Having all the documented information available will help the lawyer to determine the viability of a premises liability lawsuit. With the help of legal counsel, the injured consumer might recover previous and future damages related to the incident.