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Motor vehicle accidents: NC 540 crash kills father, injures son

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Motorists on the busy highways of North Carolina will always be vulnerable. NC 540 is one of the routes on which many lives have been lost in motor vehicle accidents. A man lost his life in a recent accident that involved a trailer that became detached from a vehicle.

According to a report prepared by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, the incident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon. Reportedly, a 54-year-old father and his son, age 21, were traveling along NC 540 in a pickup truck with an attached trailer. During their drive, they realized that the trailer was no longer attached to the truck, and they stopped to investigate.

The father and son exited the pickup truck, intending to reattach the trailer to the truck. At this time, both the men were struck by another vehicle. First responders arrived at the crash scene and pronounced the death of the father. Reportedly, they transported the 21-year-old son to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries. No mention was made of the driver of the vehicle that struck the two men.

Following such tragic motor vehicle accidents, the surviving family members might have questions about their rights to recover damages. An experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney can provide answers along with step-by-step guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings of a wrongful death lawsuit. The lawyer can examine the circumstances and investigate the accident to establish negligence, which will be required by the court in such a suit. Documented claims can include financial losses such as end-of-life costs and lost income along with emotional damages suffered.