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Understanding fault laws for auto collisions in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Car Accidents

Even in a car accident where the fault seems very clear, the legal determination for who is responsible can be a much more difficult distinction. North Carolina is an ‘at-fault’ state when it comes to accident claims. This designation means that the insurance company of the person deemed at fault must pay damages to the other driver. Generally speaking, if you were not at fault, you could expect that your claim will lead to compensation.

Pursuing damages in a traffic collision

In 2019, North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to 2,697 traffic accidents with 20 fatalities. If the settlement you received from other driver’s insurance is less than you need for your damages and medical bills, here are some circumstances that could warrant a lawsuit:

  • If the claim settlement does not cover your medical expenses for immediate and ongoing conditions
  • If you lost wages due to your injuries, whether that’s a temporary state or a permanent disability
  • If you have ‘pain and suffering’ claims resulting from the mental and physical stress caused by the accident

Working for your best interests

An auto collision can be incredibly disruptive to your entire life. A serious injury could have physical and mental consequences for years after the crash. If you were injured in an auto collision, you need a personal injury lawyer who can fight for the compensation you’re entitled to.