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Common social media mistakes after a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can bring up strong feelings, making it tempting to share your experience with friends and family online. Many people don’t think twice about sharing their experiences online, but oversharing could be one of the worst things you can do during this time.

During a lawsuit, it’s common for lawyers and insurance companies to look through your social media profiles. These lawyers and insurance companies are looking for pictures and posts that are inconsistent with your story. This way they can prove that they are not at fault. Anything you post can be twisted to make it look like you’re lying.

Posting pictures can hurt your case

Whether you post an older picture or a new picture, any picture you post can be used against you. During a lawsuit, the opposing lawyers will use a newly posted picture as proof that your injuries aren’t as bad as you let on. This can cause the court to doubt your character.

“Private” isn’t as private as you think

Setting your profiles to private may make you feel safer but it’s always possible to see what you post. Anything you post can be viewed by the friends you allow. Once they comment or share the post, everyone they allow to view their posts can see your post. Your posts are accessible to everyone, including the lawyers that want to make it seem like you’re lying to the court.

Ranting online isn’t ranting into a void

When you’re upset, ranting on Facebook or on a blog may feel good at the time. It’s healing to get things off your chest, but the wrong person can see your unfiltered thoughts online. Your friends don’t need a life update every day. When it comes to a lawsuit, your lawyers will advise you not to share your thoughts online because it’s a way for the opposing lawyers to poke holes in your story.

Social media is an amazing tool that we use every day, but it can cause serious problems in the court room. The more information you give online, the more opportunity the opposing lawyers have to discredit you. After an accident, follow your lawyer’s advice. Be careful online. It can hurt your chances of getting what you deserve.