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Is working night shifts doing more harm than good?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Firm News

Some professions come with the chance of having to work the night shift. While there are some individuals who can thrive while they work these hours, it is possible that there are others who will suffer because of them. Still, some people appreciate the increase in pay that often comes with third shift jobs.

Your sleep schedule is going to be impacted by this shift because you’ll be working when your body thinks you should be asleep. This circadian rhythm change can lead to some other issues, such as fatigue when you’re driving.

There’s also the chance that you’ll become less safety conscious because of fatigue. Some people who work nights have difficulties with concentration and focus, which can be dangerous if you have a job that comes with hazards.

It’s imperative that employers take steps to ensure that employees on all shifts remain as safe as possible. Oftentimes, the oversight that’s present on night shifts isn’t up to the same standard as that on other shifts.

Workers who are on nights also face the possibility of having trouble getting medical care if they suffer a serious injury. This is because the emergency room might be the only viable option. While some injuries can wait until the next business day to address, others can’t.

Any worker who’s inj0000000000000ured while they’re doing their job duties needs to ensure that they know their rights under workers’ compensation. Sometimes, fighting for the benefits you’re due is necessary. Be sure you work with someone who’s familiar with the process if you have to go through the appeals process.