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Men crash more often than women

| Aug 30, 2020 | Car Accidents

Researchers often break down crash statistics by age, as it is important to do so when trying to find out why accidents happen. But it’s also good to look at other factors like gender. Then, you find that men are more likely to get injured or killed in car accidents than their female counterparts.

Why does this happen? For one thing, studies have found that risky behavior is more common among men, especially among younger males. This can be a big problem when young drivers lack experience and also do not practice caution. A male teen driver who has had a driver’s license for less than a year is a major crash risk.

Another potential issue is just that men drive more miles every year. This exposure alone can lead to more accidents. Say you know that there are going to be 10 car accidents on a specific road over the course of a week. If 70% of the drivers on that road are men, you’d expect more men to be injured in accidents even if all drivers were equally cautious and equally skilled.

Finally, men are more likely to drive under the influence. This could be related to how common it is for men to drive when a couple goes out. A man and a woman may both be intoxicated on the way home, but, if men tend to drive more often, the odds are greater that they will cause more accidents.

You can see that there are many risks around you on the road. If another driver hits your car and injures you, be sure you know what options you have.