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Do you need workers’ compensation if you have health insurance?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

If you work in a blue-collar job, like a factory setting, you probably already know that you can get workers’ compensation benefits if you get hurt on the job. However, you might think you don’t need to make a claim for those benefits. It’s even possible that your employer might try to dissuade you from filing a claim. You may think that using your own health insurance might be a simpler solution, one that won’t cause expense for your employer or more paperwork for you. 

There are very good reasons why injured workers should pursue workers’ compensation benefits instead of turning to their own health insurance. The most important, however, has to do with how much your workplace injury could cost you. 

Workers’ compensation offers more comprehensive medical coverage

When you file a claim through your health insurance, you have cost-sharing responsibilities. These include co-pays, with your flat fees every time you visit an office, deductibles, which are lump sum amount you must pay before the insurance company covers your care, and coinsurance, which is a specific percentage of your medical costs that you must pay out-of-pocket. 

Unlike private health insurance that has all of these potential expenses for you, workers’ compensation provides complete coverage, meaning you don’t have any out-of-pocket costs. Applying for workers’ compensation medical benefits can also put you in a position to more quickly secure wage replacement or disability benefits if you aren’t able to go back to work quickly. As a final benefit, a claim also helps to protect you from employer retaliation if you need accommodations to return to work.