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Use extreme caution when working on a ladder

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

If your profession calls for you to use a ladder, it’s imperative that you use extreme caution at all times. Even if you have many years of using a ladder without incident, you never know when you could run into trouble on the job site.

Here’s what it means to use caution when working on a ladder:  

  • Inspect it for damage: Before using a ladder, inspect it for damage and/or defects that could result in an accident. An example of damage that could lead to an accident would be rust that’s eaten away at one of the ladder’s rungs.
  • Use the right ladder for the job: If you don’t use the right size and type of ladder for the job, you could force yourself to make decisions that aren’t in your best interests. For instance, a ladder that’s too short to reach a roof may have you stretching and grabbing upon reaching the top.
  • Watch where you place it: To start, you should only place your ladder on firm, level ground. Anything but this has the potential to result in an accident. Additionally, don’t place your ladder next to traffic, either of the pedestrian or vehicular type. 

These are three of the best tips to follow when using a ladder, but there are others you can rely on to maintain your safety.

Should you suffer an injury in a workplace ladder accident, such as falling from a height, obtain medical treatment, report the incident to your supervisor and consider if you’re in a position to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. You may need this money to maintain financial stability as you recover.