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Prepare for drunk drivers on the roads over the holidays

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Car Accidents

The weather is getting cooler and that’s ushering in the winter holiday season. Many people don’t think much about it, but this is a time when more people travel. Some of those individuals might be impaired, which could put everyone else on the roads in danger of being involved in a crash. 

As you head out this holiday season, make sure that you’re paying close attention to what’s going on around you. This might prevent you from being struck by an impaired driver. Some of the signs you need to look for include driver who:

  • Fail to remain in the traffic lane
  • Stop suddenly or for no reason
  • Disobey traffic signs or signals
  • Drive too fast or too slow for the current conditions
  • Turn without using a turn signal
  • Forget to turn on the headlights in the dark or when it’s raining

If you see a vehicle that’s showing signs of having an impaired driver, try to remain away from it if possible. You can contact the local authorities to alert them to the problem but only do this if it’s safe for you to make the call. Never try to stop the vehicle on your own because this causes serious problems.

Anyone who is struck by an impaired driver should get medical care for their injuries. If you’re facing this situation, you might also choose to seek compensation for the financial damages that you’ve suffered because of the wreck. This is a civil matter that is subjected to time limits set by state law, so be sure to act quickly after the crash.