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Dog bites: What you need to know

| Jan 21, 2021 | personal injury

The relationship between humans and dogs is almost magical, and it runs pretty deep — which is probably why many people tend to gravitate toward every dog they see. Those furry heads are just waiting to be petted, right?

The only problem is that not every dog is “man’s best friend,” and a bite can leave you — or someone you love — with a serious injury.

What breed of dog is most likely to bite you?

You’ve probably heard that pit bulls are dangerous. Maybe you’re afraid of Doberman pinschers or Rottweilers the most.

Well, forget about trying to figure out which breed is most likely to attack because the dog that’s most likely to bite you is one that you know. About 77% of the dogs that bite somebody are owned by a member of the victim’s family, a friend of the family or a close relative.

What are the dangers of a dog bite?

Roughly one out of every five bites will need medical attention. While some of those bites are clearly serious wounds and have the potential to leave the victim with serious scars or even kill them, the real problem is that nearly any bite can become infected.

While rabies may not be an issue if a dog has had its shots, a dog’s mouth is filled with dangerous bacteria that can lead to lethal infections. An infected dog bite can become very serious, very fast.

Do you have any legal recourse after a dog bite?

Most of the time, dog bites are covered under homeowners’ insurance, so don’t be afraid to pursue a claim even if you know the dog’s owner. If your injuries from a dog bite are serious, it may be time to speak with an experienced attorney.