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Your workers’ compensation payment rate in North Carolina 

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

If you get hurt on the job or if your doctor diagnoses you with a medical condition related to your employment, workers’ compensation insurance will pay for your treatment. You can also count on workers’ compensation benefits to help replace your wages until you can get back to work. 

There are also disability benefits that can help replace your wages if your condition requires you to take a leave of absence from work. If you need to file a temporary or permanent disability claim because of a job-acquired medical condition, what benefits can you expect to receive as an employee in North Carolina?

You can receive a portion of your wages, up to a maximum rate

Although workers’ compensation does fully cover medical care required by injured and sickened workers, it does not fully cover their lost wages. Instead, state law authorizes the payment of up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage once you qualify for disability benefits through workers’ compensation. 

Unfortunately, high earners will likely find that they receive even less than two-thirds of their average pay. The state has a maximum benefit amount, which means that higher earners will have bigger budgetary shortfalls when they receive workers’ compensation benefits. The most you can expect to receive on a weekly basis currently is $1,102. If you make more than $1,653 each week, your budget will take a bigger hit. 

Injured and sick and workers in North Carolina who know their rights will have an easier time pursuing a claim and sticking up for themselves if they don’t get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.