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Common issues with workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Job-related injuries can impact an employer and employee for months or years following an incident. Depending on the severity and type of injury, an employee may have rehabilitation needs and follow-up treatments.

In all this stress, it is important for employees and employers to be informed every step of the way. Failure to do so can lead to inflated costs of treatment, longer treatment times or even litigation.

Common problems

Though there is a wide variety of issues that can arise while an employee is recovering from an accident, many of the financial issues faced by employers and employees can be avoided by following certain steps.

Some of the most common problems with workers’ comp claims are:

  • Invalid claims — Some claims may be denied because they cannot be substantially tied to a work-related incident. Work-related injuries must be vetted to prevent fraud for non-work-related incidents.
  • Improper reporting practices — Some employers lack the protocol for dealing with injury-related issues. Creating and following a worker’s injury plan can reduce confusion in the event a claim needs to be filed.
  • Late reporting — Filing claims accurately and on time is important for employers wanting to keep costs down. Failure to timely report incidents to an employer’s insurance may result in inflated claims.
  • Employer’s lack of involvement — An employer should be up to date on the recovery plan for their employees. Employers who do not monitor the health of their employees may end up paying more for unnecessary recovery.
  • Return-to-work programs — To limit the monetary loss to a company, employers can create a return-to-work program that allows an employee to provide value for the company while recovering.

Avoiding these common workers’ comp problems can assist both employers and employees navigate the complex world created by workers’ compensation claims.