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Is there a one-bite rule for dog attacks in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | personal injury

Dog bite attacks can lead to physical and psychological injuries for the human victim. Although many dog bites only leave minor puncture wounds, some can cause life-threatening injuries or permanent disfigurement.

The victims of dog bite attacks are often left in an awkward position where they need financial support and don’t know where to turn. In North Carolina, does the dog that attacked you need to have a history of hurting other humans for you to make a claim against the owner?

North Carolina gives animals and their owners the benefit of the doubt

Many states impose strict liability on animal owners when a domestic animal hurts a human. However, North Carolina is one of the states that has a one-bite rule for dog attacks.

If the dog has previously bitten someone, then the owner is subject to liability for any injuries or property damage it causes. The same is true if the owner already knows that the animal is dangerous or aggressive, even if there has not been a reported attack by that dog in the past.

Someone warning you that the animal is aggressive, signs posted on the property or even previous encounters with the same dog could all serve as evidence that the animal has a history of aggression and violence. If you can prove that the owner knew the animal was dangerous and failed to properly train or restrain it, you could bring a claim against them in court or against their insurance company.  Knowing the dog bite laws in North Carolina can help you stand up for yourself after an animal attack.