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Will insurance actually pay for your crash-related losses?

| Sep 23, 2021 | Car Accidents

After a car crash, you probably expect to make a quick and easy car insurance claim. After all, you can’t listen to the radio for more than ten minutes without hearing an ad about how fast and friendly an insurance company is while handling claims. 

However, in North Carolina, you won’t often need to file a claim against your own coverage. Your claim will involve the policy held by the driver who caused the crash. Unfortunately, that might mean that you could find yourself in a situation where there won’t be insurance to pay for your losses, or the policy won’t cover enough of your costs.

What insurance is mandatory in North Carolina? 

Every driver in the state has to carry liability insurance for property damage and bodily injury. The state requires uninsured and underinsured driver coverage as well. 

If the other driver only has the minimum amount of insurance required by state law, their policy will reimburse you for up to $25,000 worth of property damage. There will also be $30,000 worth of medical coverage if one person gets hurt and up to $60,000 if two or more people suffer injuries. 

Your own insurance policy will come into play if your costs exceed the other driver’s coverage or if they don’t have insurance at all. If you have to file a claim against your own policy because the other driver doesn’t have insurance, a personal injury lawsuit against them could help you recoup your losses. Understanding your rights can help you make better decisions after a car crash.