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3 ways to spot an aggressive driver

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Car Accidents

Road users in North Carolina rely on driving privileges for various aspects of life. Often, driving is the only means a person has to make it to their workplace. Additionally, driving can be crucial in facilitating visits to loved ones.

Unfortunately, accidents are still commonplace on the roads today even at the best of times. However, aggressive drivers present an even greater risk of collisions. Aggressive drivers often behave in a manner that is erratic and dangerous to themselves as well as others. As a result, it is worth considering some ways that an aggressive driver can be spotted.

Tailgating other vehicles

One common sign that a road user has become aggressive is if they are driving too close to other vehicles. This practice is often utilized when drivers become impatient and hope to encourage other road users to speed or move out of the way. Tailgating is particularly dangerous as it increases the likelihood of rear-end collisions.

Driving over the speed limit

Drivers with aggressive tendencies are more likely to exceed the speed limit. This poses a real threat to other road users. Research shows that speeding depletes a driver’s ability to control their vehicle. Additionally, in the event that an accident occurs, the level of injury is likely to be more serious for all parties involved.

Erratic changing of lanes

Aggressive drivers will often change rapidly between lanes in order to overtake or cut through traffic. Every drastic change in lane increases the risk of contact with other vehicles. Changing lanes erratically may also distract other road users and give them less time to react in the event that something does go wrong

Recognizing the signs of aggressive driving could be in your best interests. If you have been caught up in a road traffic accident, there are legal options open to you.