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3 common factors in slip-and-fall accidents 

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | slip and falls

Slip-and-fall accidents result in a significant number of injuries across the country each year. This particular type of accident is noteworthy because it can happen to almost anyone in any place. 

Slips and falls often result in broken bones, head injuries and even fatalities. However, it is important to remember there are many ways to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Knowing the causes of this type of incident could assist with prevention. Outlined below are three common factors in slip-and-fall accidents.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions are a common factor in slip-and-fall accidents. Unfortunately, the weather cannot be controlled. However, an awareness of potential dangers could assist in preventing accidents. Rain, snow and icy conditions are especially dangerous when considering slips and falls. Typically, property owners have a responsibility to ensure that walkways remain as safe as possible. Regular risk assessments, as well as shovelling snow and placing salt on icy surfaces, may help to prevent accidents. 

Broken or missing handrails

Handrails can offer a safety net during a momentary loss of balance. Additionally, they can provide a person with confidence when walking up or down a stairway and using various facilities. Building owners could help to prevent accidents by installing handrails where they will be useful. Additionally, regular maintenance should be carried out in areas where handrails are present. 

Poor lighting

Being able to spot potential dangers is key to preventing slip-and-fall accidents. Both workspaces and public areas have a responsibility to provide and maintain adequate lighting systems. When the vision of a person is unnecessarily obstructed, a slip-and-fall accident is highly likely to occur. 

Recognizing the common factors involved in slip-and-fall accidents could ensure your safety. If you have been injured, however, and feel that your legal rights have been violated, then there are options open to you.