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Restaurant workers face serious hazards

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

People who work in the food service industry have very demanding jobs. There are specific hazards that plague this industry. It’s up to each employer to ensure that their workers have what they need to remain safe.

Providing cooks, servers, bussers and others in the restaurant with the proper equipment can reduce the dangers they’re facing. They all must be trained properly on how to remain safe while they work.

Risk of falls

The floor of a restaurant, particularly in food preparation areas and the dishwashing station might be wet. Workers should have to wear non-slip shoes to reduce the risk of them slipping. Wet floor signs and mats can also reduce this risk.

Risk of cuts or lacerations

Working with knives and powered equipment can lead to cuts. Workers must receive instruction on the safe use of this type of equipment. Special gloves that protect the hands from being cut and guards on some of the machines can prevent some cuts or lacerations.

Risk of back injuries

Back injuries sometimes develop slowly over time. Heavy lifting and bending can sometimes cause these. Restaurant workers who have back pain that doesn’t go away should have a medical evaluation to determine if they’re suffering from a cumulative trauma injury.

Anyone who suffers an injury at work should ensure they get medical care for those injuries. The care should be covered by workers’ compensation. Some individuals might be eligible for other damages, such as partial wage replacement or vocational training. Working with a professional who knows about workers’ compensation is beneficial since you can draw from their knowledge of this topic as you work to get the benefits you’re due.