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Tips for preventing back injuries at work

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

When you are on the job, you might be required to lift and carry either bulky or heavy items from one area to another. As you do so, keep your back in mind – use proper lifting techniques.

By lifting and carrying safely, you might be able to avoid getting hurt in the workplace.

Know about how much you can safely lift

If you have to lift a heavy box and move it to another area, bend down at your knees and slip your fingers and hands under the box. Lift by using your leg muscles — not your back muscles. Rather than lifting with your back twisted, do the following:

  •   Keep your back in a neutral position
  •   Square your shoulders
  •   Keep your spine untwisted
  •   Use other safe positions to lift

Holding and keeping an awkward posture as you try to lift a heavy item increases the likelihood of a back injury.

Overexertion and injuries

Overexertion can be the cause of back injuries while you are at work. This can happen in an office, outdoor or warehouse environment.

  •   Move to another task if your back is tired
  •   Return to your first task when your back is more relaxed
  •   Keep safety in mind as you work

Avoiding overexertion

If you are assigned a task that will require you to exert your body more, look for safer ways to complete your work. Use a hand truck or wheelbarrow to move heavier items.

Learning about safer ways to complete your work can help you avoid injury. If you are hurt on the job, you may be able to file a claim. Document your use of safe lifting techniques and include these in your claim.