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To lower the odds of an accident, don’t drink coffee in the car

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Car Accidents

If you have a long daily commute and you like to have a cup of coffee before you get to work, you may have fallen into the habit of drinking this coffee in the car. A lot of people do this during their commute, and it becomes part of their routine. It’s not just that it helps them wake up and feel more alert, but that they like the comfort of that routine and it becomes hard to imagine the morning without coffee.

However, studies have found that it may be better if you waited until you were in the office to drink your coffee or if you drink it at home before you get in the car. It’s actually dangerous to consume it while you drive.

What’s the problem with having a cup of coffee?

The issue is simply that drinking coffee leads to distracted driving. There is always the risk of a spill, which could cause a crash, but even a driver who sips without spilling still has to look away from the road to do so. They also have to hold the coffee cup in one hand, so that leaves just one for the wheel. Both of these things are distracting in the same way that a cellphone is, and any distraction can lead to a crash.

It’s also important to consider this just because of how common it is. Did you know that the average person in the United States who drinks coffee will have more than 3 cups every day? And studies have shown that the majority of Americans do drink coffee each day. This is why it becomes so common during those morning commutes, but it also leads to a lot of accidents.

Even if you leave your coffee at home, someone else may hit your car, so make sure you know how to seek financial compensation for your injuries