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2 car safety tips for your child

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Car Accidents

Your child is a bundle of joy that does not yet understand the laws of physics. Their playfulness and bursts of energy could have them jumping around in the seat of your car, raising their chances of serious injuries. Your child’s body is still growing, which means serious injuries can lead to long-term effects.

Here is what you should do to protect your child in a motor vehicle accident:

Buckle your child’s seat belts

It can be frustrating for your kid to understand why they need to wear a seat belt in the car. A strap reduces most of the mobility they are used to having. You know they should wear it for their safety.

A child’s car seat could have one or two buckles that prevent your child from unlocking them. Keeping their seat belt on can reduce serious injuries if you are in a motor vehicle accident.

Ensure you know how the child seat works

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to locate the seat correctly and ensure it is correct for their age and size. Seats for younger children are usually designed to be rear-facing up to the age of five or so, while older kids’ seats tend to face forward.

Your child may fuss and cry about wearing a seat belt or facing backward. It does not matter. As a parent, you know that your child’s safety is crucial in their early stages of growth. If a car accident puts you and your child in danger, you may need experienced legal help to recover your losses.